Teamwork skills: how to practice it with your employees?

Teamwork skills: how to practice it with your employees?

2 de October, 2021

Teamwork skills are essential if you want to get great results with colleagues. Several times in your life you´ll probably be working with other people in different areas, sometimes in school, at the university and of course at your Job. Truth is the better you connect with others while doing tasks the more successful your team will be at achieving goals.


One good thing is that experience makes it better, because if we’ve been through different situations to accomplish some projects, for instance, in the future we´ll be able to handle hard times and take advantage of good times together as a great team. 


Teamwork skills: how to practice it with your employees?


The skills we have when we work with a team are vital to success, and enabling people to be really successful when they collaborate is a critical part of the broader employee experience. Nowadays, leaders are responsible for putting teams together and making sure that they do succeed. 


Some examples on how to improve team working skills


1 | Define your teams mission and purposes 


Something everybody needs to understand when being part of a team is that we all should share the same mission and go after the same goals. This principle is actually above individual goals within the workplace.


As a team, reaching goals together is more valuable than individual efforts. Individuals are still important, but for getting maximum teamwork success, everyone needs to commit to a common goal.  


2 | Be effective when it comes to communicate


Lately we’ve been working remotely more than ever before, so communication has never been such an important part of our Jobs. On the other hand, challenges and opportunities are near because now people are coming back to offices as well. 


In any given situation good communication is key to resolve issues and to prevent different bad situations and also to build a sense of camaraderie between all participants.



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3 | Openness and trust are important


Teamwork is definitely focused on trust, because it’s a key ingredient for team activities. Trust is present when you encourage others to speak freely without fear of an angry response. You’ll also notice the insights and a lot of creativity starting to come up as people are less afraid of expressing themselves.


4 | Everybody in the team is important and accountable


Everyone’s responsibilities relate to having clear roles and knowing exactly what’s your part within the team. Leaders can model accountability by accepting that things haven’t gone as well as planned, and also celebrating every success of the team.


If we take this into account everybody will feel they can take risks, and also they know it´s o.k to lose sometimes so, it’s not going to be an issue to be vulnerable as well.


Good teamwork skills will give us more chances to move forward in our professional careers. If we develop and make the most out of these skills, people will see you as someone with a great attitude who thinks the company’s goals are important. 


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