The Better Way to Do Payday

The Simple Solution for Payroll and Taxes.

With Payroll built on an alliance with Paychex™,
you and your team will love payday more than ever.
MidtownHR does it all, from ensuring compliance with
all state and federal tax requirements, to direct deposits,
electronic W-2s and more.

Save More Time

With automated paychecks and direct deposit, you can be hands-off with paychecks and get hands-on with your next big idea.

Stay Compliant

We keep current on the laws to ensure that everyone’s compensation and tax withholdings comply with all applicable tax regulations.

Simplify Everything

Direct deposit, online W-2s, digital timesheets and more. We’re always investing in new tools to make payroll easy and convenient.

The Most Important Element is Trust

And trust begins with a strong relationship. That’s why we assign every client
a Dedicated Payroll Specialist – your single point person for all things payroll.

Employee Payroll Platform

Streamline payroll and go paperless with our online platform. It lets workers self-manage their tax elections, download pay stubs, track PTO, set up direct deposit rules, submit digital tax documents and more.

Taxes & Risk Mitigation

With Midtown HR as your co-employer, we submit all taxes on your behalf under our federal ID. This relieves you of both the risks and responsibilities of properly tracking and meeting your quarterly tax obligations.

Time & Attendance

Say goodbye to paper time and attendance systems. We offer an online time-tracking portal for hourly workers that gives both employees and management instant clarity about time worked and money earned.


Create a range of useful reports on salaries, taxes, paid time off, employee hours and more. Accurate reports are essential for compliance, budget planning and accountability across your organization.