Preserve Your Business.
Protect Your Team.

Workers’ Compensation is a critical part of protecting both
your company and the people who work there. MidtownHR can
assess your exposure and offer a number of pay-as-you-go work
comp solutions, including insurance coverage, claims admin
and risk management, all at low group rates.

Claims Management

Our experienced and responsive claims management team works quickly on your behalf, advocating for employee care while ensuring no instances of fraud are taking place.

Risk Management

Expert risk management means taking steps to reduce the chance of workplace injuries. We can assess and make recommendations that will reduce your exposure and potential costs.

Workplace Safety

MidtownHR offers access to comprehensive workplace safety resources, including training tools for both management and staff that protect workers and the workplace.

Safety and Risk Management

We have comprehensive tools in place that help reduce your company’s risk
and the likelihood of a workplace incident. Our team will tailor
your risk management service plan to your company’s unique needs.

  • Claim Management assistance
  • Risk classification assistance
  • Return to work assistance
  • Accident investigation assistance
  • Worksite hazard assessment
  • Written safety recommendations report
  • OSHA compliance needs assessment
  • Review of your existing safety policies and procedures
  • Ongoing monitoring of claims and workplace injuries
  • Written safety programs
  • Training and education
  • Drug-free workplace assistance

Workers’ Compensation Carve-Out

Are you happy with your company’s workers’ comp plan but don’t have time or resources for admin?
Let us take over the administration so you can focus on more important tasks.