Workplace safety: 5 tips everyone should take into account

Workplace safety: 5 tips everyone should take into account

6 de January, 2022

Nowadays it is common to come across sudden and unexpected cases of accidents and casualties that can occur anywhere, altering the course of the lives of particular persons as well as groups too. We all know that workers who don’t care about the rest of the people around them are considered irresponsible and negligent. 


Workplace safety is of primary importance in any profession, and a trouble-proof secure work atmosphere would raise the morale and confidence of everyone, especially those at work in more risky conditions.


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Workplace safety: 5 tips everyone should take into account


1 | Don´t forget to report every unsafe condition


Any unsafe conditions or workplace hazards need to be fixed as soon as you notice them. If it is dangerous for you to remove the risk, notify a supervisor right away.


Fixing unsafe conditions and preventing bad things from happening starts with YOU. Employees must report that kind of situation to their managers as soon as they notice something isn’t right. Managers are legally obligated to create a safe working environment.


2 | Practice good posture when sitting or lifting


It is very important for people to use ergonomic desks and keyboards to avoid straining wrists and arms. Remember to sit up straight, keep your shoulders in line with your hips and lift with your legs when you are moving different objects. Poor posture can cause strain on your back, neck and shoulders, which can lead to serious injury.


3 | Take a break every once and a while


Taking regular breaks is not just required by OSHA but it’s just common sense too. When workers are tired, they’re more prone to incidents because awareness of their surroundings is blocked by exhaustion, so taking breaks on a regular schedule helps keep employees fresh and active.


4 | Don’t take shortcuts and pay attention to procedures


There’s A reason why workplace procedures exist: it is to keep employees safe. It’s important to always use every tool and machine you’re working with according to instruction. Shortcuts lead to injury and aren’t worth the small amount of time they might save you. Make sure you’re always using the right tool for the job, and using it the right way.


5 | Ensure you give or receive proper training


Any employee tasked to handle tools, equipment, or machines should go through proper training first. Anyone who isn’t trained should never be assigned to handle or work with any equipment or machines.


Besides, training is not enough for high risk work involving heavy equipment and machinery. Your workers need to have appropriate licenses or certifications to work in certain conditions. Once acquired, this license needs to be renewed when needed.


Why is workplace safety important?


Organizations need to provide a safe work environment for everyone, because that’s the only way they are protecting themselves, their employees and their customers. It is essential to follow guidelines and procedures to stay compliant with local and national occupational safety authorities.


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