5 employee benefits that will make the workforce love your company

5 employee benefits that will make the workforce love your company

25 de July, 2021

Nowadays the companies agree that if you want to keep your talent happy and really engage there´s more than just salaries. People are your most valuable asset, and to come up with great non monetary benefits for your employees is something that would determine if they’re going to stay for a while.


About employee benefits and what they really are


Employee benefits are related to indirect payment for your workforce, for instance, it can be medical health plans, dental plans and vision insurance. Jobs can vary a lot in terms of benefits, maybe one of them offer a high salary proposition, but the other one offers great benefits, and this is definitely something people take into consideration before getting onboard.



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Employee benefits that will make workforce feel joyful


Let’s take a look at some examples related to the most important benefits companies offer today:


Short term disability


It’s basically done to protect both counter parts (employee and employers) under circumstances associated with workers that can no longer do their job activities because of illness or other injuries.


Whole life insurance


This benefit provides permanent coverage when it comes to the life of the person. One thing you need to know is that whole life insurance lasts for a policyholder’s lifetime, as opposed to the term life insurance, which works for a specific amount of time/years.


Hospital advantage


You can use these benefits as it fits your needs. It offers different benefits such as ambulance transportation, emergency room benefits, preventative care, among others.


Employee Entertainment Benefits Program


These benefits are associated with food, drinks, gift cards and other types of leisure activities. This is a great way to reward and also to retain employees with exclusive discounts maybe, or special offers and benefits for events.



The most important health care benefits




With different kinds of coverages the employees can receive treatments that they need from a medical healthcare provider, and also preventive consultations, maybe check-ups and some emergency services.




Basically these are benefits that help you pay the price when you go to the dentist for prevention and different services, for instance, teeth cleaning, X-rays and fillings.




Vision insurance is normally used to describe health and wellness plans designed to reduce costs for routine preventive eye care (eye exams in general).


If you want to know more about other great benefits your employees can enjoy visit this link and discover a wealth of additional perks, from insurance protection to retirement plans for your workforce.


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