What are work related injuries?

What are work related injuries?

12 de November, 2021

Sometimes people doubt when they have work related accidents, so the main idea in this article is to clarify and define this concept in order to help you understand what kind of situations you can name a work related injury.


What are work related injuries?

We can define them as any injury, illness, or condition you suffer during the course and scope of your employment. Briefly, this kind of injury falls into the category of physical illness, occupational illness or repetitive stress illness.


Physical illness

These are considered one of the most common workplace accidents. For example, injuries are the result of a staff member’s personal work. On the other hand, they can be injuries caused by other people’s actions, like being hit by a machine, and other general workplace accidents.


Occupational illness

Occupational illnesses are conditions that you contract, develop, or get worse while you are  on your job activities. For instance, if you work in a clinic, you may contract a contagious disease or maybe an illness. 

There are conditions that can develop right away or gradually after years of exposure to work environments and different harsh conditions.


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Repetitive stress illness

This one is the third type of injury that needs to be covered by workers compensation. Repetitive stress illness happens when you do the same task or activity day after day, for years. One of the most common is carpal tunnel syndrome. One thing you need to know is that it occurs across all occupations. 

​​If your job requires you to constantly bend over, lift really heavy objects, scan items, or move in a certain way, you can develop these kinds of illnesses.


Other common work related injuries

Workplace health and safety measures have been increasing the past years, so common work-related injuries rates have been decreasing, however there’s a lot of work left to do in the future in order to completely eliminate them.


1 | Slips, trips and falls.

2 | Muscle strains.

3 | Struck by workers or falling objects

4 | Crashes or collisions

5 | Harmful substances or risk on environments

6 | Fire and explosions

7 | Injuries by persons or animals


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