Check out this practices to avoid non compliant in your company

Check out this practices to avoid non compliant in your company

27 de October, 2021

Compliance is an area that has its origin in the core functions of human resources and today it continues being a key area, because there are different regulations and laws that cover the employment relationship. 


Human resources managers and related professionals should understand every law in order to help their organizations stay far away from non compliant and also avoid having to pay penalties.


Check out this practices to avoid non compliant in your company


To ensure the successful management and always take into account all the compliance rules and regulations, the human resources professionals need to use the best practices to inform and hold employees accountable to HR compliance. Some of these best practices include education, constant training, the right documentation and also audit. 


If HR compliance has been integrated in the organization’s business strategy, and the organization’s managers and directors have taken steps to ensure employees can understand the importance of HR compliance, way to go!, kudos for the company and the team. 


Here you can find some basic principles organizations should follow to avoid non compliant:


1 | Conduct regular compliance training


Maybe you regularly hold employee training sessions but, the key to their effectiveness lies in training your HR team, especially when dealing with compliance matters.


The training you conduct needs to directly reference and reinforce all the policies. They need to work hand in hand, so employees get the principles provided in the policies and the practical steps provided in the session. An HR general audit can also reveal areas for improvement. 


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2 | Create an employee guide for compliance


An organization’s employee handbook or guide might be the right document to communicate the organization’s policies and all the procedures and also explain step by step how business should be conducted, it needs to be done in order to have legal counsel before distribution.


3 | Organice and follow an HR compliance checklist


The checklist can be used by human resource professionals to prepare for an HR audit. Government agencies are required to have formal HR audits, but businesses can also benefit from yearly audits. Take into account what follows:


  • Recruiting and interviewing processes
  • Hiring procedures
  • Policies and procedures
  • Safety section
  • Employee handbook
  • Social networking
  • Sexual harassment, bullying and drugs
  • DiSC Program
  • Affirmative action, EEO and veterans lists
  • Management training


If you want to know more details about the checklist you can check out this link


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