Jobs with flexible schedules: Should I offer this option to my team?

Jobs with flexible schedules: Should I offer this option to my team?

8 de October, 2021

Flexible hours and jobs with flexible schedules it’s not something uncommon anymore, today a lot of traditional employers are offering these alternatives to collaborators. As an employer, we know you might not completely be sure about offering that kind of alternatives to your workers.


One thing we need to understand is that employees and employers can benefit from flexible schedules. Smart employers know that these are good for both productivity and well being of their people, in fact it also applies for them or the owners of the companies.


It’s been a long process, it has taken some time for everyone to change the traditional expectations of a 9 to 5 workday because we are so used to that. Truth is the benefits of flexible work can help businesses stay ahead of the competition.


Jobs with flexible schedules: Should I offer this option to my team?


Let’s define workplace flexibility as an agreement between employer and employees. 

This kind of agreement usually refers to some components like:


  1. Employers can choose where they work from.
  2. It is possible to create a work schedule that fits best for them.
  3. Schedule their work day the way they consider is the best.


A survey made for Flexjobs (remote and flexible jobs site) took five thousands workers and asked about what they really want for their careers, of those surveyed, 68% said that they’d “consider changing careers”, and they’d rather make changes to have better work-life balance than to receive a higher salary.


This data shows what people are prioritizing, more than anything else after pandemic times, and it’s important to know for companies that are constantly attracting new talents. The situation we all live in the last two years is shaping a new economy, where flexibility takes a huge role.



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There are some workers, specifically front-line workers, who need to be on site at a certain time every single day to make sure customers receive the best attention, so making flex schedules available to these people is important and it is also more of a balancing act. There´s no doubt this can be a big incentive to attract motivated front-line staff.


It is beneficial for employees and employers


To close the article we can say the potential advantages are well known, including an improved work-life balance, greater autonomy and improved morale. On the other hand it’s important for employers to recognise the business benefits of flexible working options too. 


It’s not just collaborators who stand to gain from those alternatives, because companies can actually reduce costs, improve output and increase loyalty when schemes are implemented the right way.


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