4 advantages and disadvantages of hybrid workplace

4 advantages and disadvantages of hybrid workplace

27 de September, 2021

Hybrid workplace is a huge change compared to the traditional work model we all know. It has a lot of variations and some companies might allow their people to work remotely and in their positions within the physical offices, using different schedules during the week. Other businesses might have employees working either full-time remote or full-time coming to the office.


In a few words we can say that the hybrid approach wants to provide the best balance of productive work and quality of life outside of the job, because it aims to reduce stress and commuting, and today it makes sense to a lot of people after everything we’ve been experiencing during the pandemic period, but there´s always questions, is this going to work for all of us?


4 advantages and disadvantages of hybrid workplace




1 | Hybrid workplace is cheaper and prioritize work life balance


The hybrid work place is an economical place, in terms of maintaining really large offices or commuting everyday on public transit, organizations and employees can save thousands of dollars when it comes to that matter.


Companies offering a mixture of remote work and work at the office will have a big talent pool to work with, because they can hire people from all around the world. On the other hand, flexible work options allows people to spend more time with family and less time traveling or commuting, and in case of parents they can homeschool with their kids whenever they need it.


2 | People are not that expose to ills


Everyone is worried about their health and safety today more than ever, so options to work from home are very attractive, and if you have fewer collaborators in the workplace the chance of illness is lower, also the chance of infecting others. 


3 | Workers could be more productive


In a hybrid workplace model, people have more flexibility to get a task done when they’re most productive. For instance, some people are more efficient in the morning while others do better in the evening. They can also choose to work with different team members on-site or do their work from a remote location that is not home.


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1 | The internet access and different areas


One of the main problems when we talk about a hybrid workplace is that not all of us have the luxury of quality internet access, designated comfy home workspaces, or a good place without distractions. On the other hand, it is not an alternative for people working in the front line when it comes to areas like hospitals, lawyers or factories.


2 | Workers have the potential to burn out


Overworking when having a hybrid workplace is one of the dangerous possibilities, because remote workers tend to work longer hours and they take shorter breaks.


What happens is that they worry because they are out of sight and they think sometimes their colleagues or bosses perceive them to be doing less than they should, so there’s a tendency to overwork and people stay late to compensate for that idea.


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