Check out this 5 ways to encourage employee productivity

Check out this 5 ways to encourage employee productivity

30 de September, 2021

Every company wants to get the most out of their employees but also want to keep them happy in order to accomplish great results, and the truth is that since the world is changing a lot the way we work, organizations are evaluating ways to encourage and really motivate their workforce.

Some business owners incentivize using different methods like inspiring, dictating speeches and conferences and giving perks or other incentives to motivate employees to do their best job.


Check out this 5 ways to encourage employee productivity


1 | Always be transparent with all the team

When collaborators know what’s happening at different levels within the organization they feel included and connected. It’s also good to ask questions to different employees in orden to get their opinions, maybe with surveys, so they feel directors and managers are listening and they perceive and understand that everyone wants to get better or wants to improve processes.


2 | Know the skills of team members and match to tasks

One thing that is going to maximize efficiency is understanding the skills of different members of the team, so this way you´ll be able to match those to the tasks, and the results are going to be better, for sure. 

If you ask your employees to be great at everything they do it is not something 100% efficient, so instead before assigning a task you can verify and ask yourself: if that one is the person best suited to accomplish the activity? If not, find someone else whose skills match with the task required.


3 | Give incentives to people

You are going to encourage your employees if you actually give them reasons to do it, so recognizing good work they have done and giving them different rewards will make them feel great and they will continue increasing their productivity.

For instance, public recognition might be appreciated for one member and sometimes people appreciate just one private message with a “thank you” or expressing gratitude for the support received and the great job done.


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4 | Flexible hours are valuable and appreciated 

It’s known this kind of perks are demanded for workers and also appreciated. With the option of flexible hours throughout the day to do different tasks workers would have more time to do activities needed with family and kids, so If workers know flexible schedules are possible it will increase work productivity. Happy team members spend more time solving problems than complaining.


5 | Special bonuses

You are going to be amazed with outcomes and results related to tasks and company objectives when you offer special bonuses. Something clear is that they are not offered all the time, but when you really think it’s needed to increase productivity and to increase profits, it is definitely something that could help.


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