Employee perks: The benefits in a post pandemic world

Employee perks: The benefits in a post pandemic world

25 de November, 2021

Company owners know that just salary is not enough to retain and attract the best talent nowadays. Employee experience is relevant, and organizations should not only focus on clients, because paying attention to benefits and perks our team receives is going to be positive for the whole business health. 


Today employers and HR professionals are adjusting employee benefits plans to this new reality, now more than ever before we need to be caregivers in order to guarantee health and well being for everyone within the workplace. 



Employee perks: The benefits in a post pandemic world



Flexibility is part of the future

Employers that offer flexibility in how, when and where to work are likely to be perceived more favorably by current and future employees. For employers it doesn’t have to be difficult, so you should create a program that defines the types of flexibility that workers can choose, and then later it is necessary to see how it’s performing, and if it’s necessary to change something.



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Offer plans and options for partially remote work, so collaborators can choose the best location for them and also consider the work they are doing during the week. Create options for remote work full time so everyone has the opportunity to work from their home, a coworking space in a different city or even the road while traveling.



Parental perks

This one has become one of the top perks of the last few years. Why? because millenials are now the largest generation in the workforce.  The age range of millennials in 2021 is 23 to 38 approximately, and a lot of them are now becoming parents.


Some of those perks could be daycare stipends, maternity concierge services, fertility treatments and support for college admissions.



Paid time off

The members of the team need time to go away from work and recharge, and this is actually an issue nowadays, because people are not using vacation time as much as they should be. This kind of alternative can boost work productivity 100%, it just needs to be implemented the right way, giving people time to rediscover their love for the company so they can battle burn out.


On the other hand, people need to feel comfortable asking for paid time off, so maybe you need to ask yourself, how is the company culture treating vacation time for everyone? make it a part of your culture and really disconnect when having vacation time.



Career development

Workers want to learn how to do their job the best way possible, and it is something really important for them if they know they got the support of the company when it comes to training, courses or certifications. Professional development and also the ability to make more income and take on other responsibilities within the company, has a big impact on employee experience.



Children’s care

If you want to improve the parental leave benefit, you could also offer child care as a perk for the parents that are part of your workforce. Some organizations provide child care stipends or even create on site daycare places for their employees.



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