HR compliance: What are the important things owners need to know?

HR compliance: What are the important things owners need to know?

24 de August, 2021

Different business owners agree HR compliance is really important for companies of different sizes. There’s something we need to understand when it comes to a PEO that gives support to companies, and the thing is they are not a replacement for HR departments, they´re actually an extension.


Compliance is a broad term, but it essentially refers to the rules that your business must follow in order to protect your interests and your employees. From local statutes to federal regulations, it’s PEO´s job to understand the requirements and to keep you compliant.


Since it is a little bit strange to find a company that’s 100% expert on its core business and also in the employee administration area, it’s here where PEO´s can help a lot.



Here´s a short HR Compliance definition


HR compliance is basically the development of procedures and policies that ensure your business carries out fair practices according to every law and regulations.



HR compliance: What are the important things owners need to know?


The value a PEO offers is that they allow companies to focus on their expertise, so they can grow and thrive. PEOs can help with several services, an it depends on what you need:


1 – Payroll and tax administration

2 – Employee benefits and benefits administration

3 – Workers’ Compensation – Risk management and safety

4 – HR compliance



PEO´S manage activities they are expert on


When you work with a PEO they absorb different activities to ensure your company maintains compliance with state and federal laws, some of them are specific to particular businesses. Something you need to take into account is that you need to choose the right partner.



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Stay always compliant


If you’re not staying compliant this is going to negatively affect your business in terms of cost as well. On the other hand, in times like these the professional employee organizations can give important advice about the new normal and everything related to HR management during pandemic or post pandemic times. 


The right compliance activities can influence employee development, retention and also hiring new team members. It’s fundamental that you understand your goals and your current strategies for growing the business. This is going to help you clarify any doubt you could have about how compliance best practices can make a big impact when we refer to decision making.


MidtownHR’s is focused on simple solutions for payroll and taxes, propose benefits that really feel like benefits, keep up with employment law and also help protect your team, ¡Let’s talk!



MidtownHR is a PEO

We are a Professional Employer Organization (P.E.O.) that offers small and medium-sized businesses a full suite of solutions for their human resource needs.