Employee onboarding: 4 perks to help increase retention

Employee onboarding: 4 perks to help increase retention

17 de August, 2021

Today everyone has more control over their careers than ever. In the process of employee onboarding people can decide whether to stay in the company or not based on different factors, among them we have the benefits and perks, so companies of different sizes have been changing their compensation plans to ensure employee retention.


First of all, we need to start differentiating benefits and perks, so you need to know that benefits are part of an employee’s salary, and perks are additional. For instance, free coffee and snacks, rewards for a particular task or everything that makes a place more enjoyable can be considered as perks.



Employee onboarding: some perks to help increase retention


Flexible work schedules 

We have left behind the traditional 9 to 5 hours schedule for work throughout the day, and one of the biggest changes among different companies and organizations has been this new shift to flexible work hours. 


You may have seen this kind of information in the Jobs descriptions and in the websites as well, and this´s been done to attract  job seekers. 



The possibility to work from home

Approximately one in five workers around the world are telecommuting according to different studies. This alternative enables employees to work at home occasionally, and it can be a great perk for keeping employees happy and engaged.




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Constant professional development

When it comes to attracting new talents a PEO can help you develop an onboarding program that makes people feel comfortable and quickly integrated into your team. 


Education and constant growth for old and new employees is really valuable, and can help increase retention as well, this is actually something that can be considered a great perk.



Parental perks

People and specifically parents want organizations to understand the unique challenges they face, so supporting working parents can bring positive benefits to companies. This understanding is shown to employees in the form of benefits and perks.


Health benefits for the family, colleague saving assistance, emergency day care can be considered as great perks for parents.


Experts say that It’s really important that employers have holistic plans that can be organized to help their employees get through these uncertain times. Business leaders know that just salary is not enough to attract and retain the best talent today, so consider these perks as options to leverage all the value that can be offered to your team.


MidtownHR’s suggestion is that combining good perks and benefits might be a great plus for your people. We´re focused on simple solutions for payroll and taxes, propose benefits that really feel like benefits, keep up with employment law and also help protect your team, ¡Let’s talk!


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