Do HR professionals include risk management as part of their activities?

Do HR professionals include risk management as part of their activities?

4 de December, 2021

Human resource professionals include risk management as one of their main tasks and it is actually one of the most important subjects for them, among other activities, since organizations have an obligation to attend to the safety and also the well being of every worker, besides it is a moral obligation to care.


Organizations need to look at all the risks throughout their entire operations and incorporate risk management into all planning and decision making. 


In the United States risk management is regulated under OSHA, because Workers should be protected from occupational risks they could be exposed to. This could be achieved through a risk management process, which involves risk analysis, risk assessment and risk control best practices. It is also desirable to base risk management on solid and tested methodologies.


Risk management as part of main HR activities

Everything can go very well at the company but small situations can become a big issue if you can not deal with them fast enough. Good management of risks can solve problems HR professionals never thought they could face.


Human resource risk management, what is it about?

Employee related risks to your business can be controlled and minimized if you work on risk management. Employee behavior, management or salaries, for instance, can be considered among all the possible outcomes of employee risks.


Businesses need to ensure that people are protected and can avoid any kind of unexpected  issues. Not taking into account employee-related risk can negatively impact revenue, the reputation of the organization, and other relevant aspects.



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Here’s A couple of options to reduce risk management:


You need to have a hiring plan

Don’t hire in a rush, because later on you will have problems. Organize and plan hiring processes in order to  accomplish what you’re looking for. 


Get good guidance form an expert

We know safety is complicated. It is made up of different variables, some of them can be unpredictable. Optimizing safety can be difficult to do, but is not impossible. Many businesses have benefited from partnering with another organization that can help with issues. It’s important  to follow the latest legal guidelines as well.


On boarding and training is key

Define a program that includes details so you can give it to new members of the team on training programs or onboarding processes. ​​Later, you can track all the requirements to ensure everybody completes them. 


Identify risk early on

The sooner you start working in appropriate processes to manage risks the better. When you start a project, think about risk management. If there are no rules today on the organization associated with risk management, you should consider it from now on, this subject should be embedded into all of your work processes and corporate culture.


Something you need to know is that Workers’ Compensation is an insurance that covers employees and companies in the event of accidents at work as well.


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