Business needs: customs solutions Midtown HR can offer to your company

Business needs: customs solutions Midtown HR can offer to your company

7 de November, 2021

Professional employer organizations work with an employment relationship with the employer by leasing employees to companies, so it allows the PEO to share and manage many employee related responsibilities and important liabilities. In that way employers outsource their main human resource activities, such as employee benefits, workers compensation, payroll and employment taxes, among others.


As we all know PEOs usually serve as a professional employer of their clients’ employees. These businesses (clients) report their wages under the PEO’s federal employer identification number, and employee liability shifts to the PEO, after that employers gain economies of scale by having more options in terms of benefits and compensations, sometimes at lower rates.


Business needs: customs solutions Midtown HR can offer to your company

Midtown HR knows companies need solutions that fit their needs, and something that adjusts their size and their people so, for companies with unique needs, there are custom solutions. Among them we can find services such as recruitment support, insurance admin assistance, HR consulting, performance reviews, coaching and more. You can check out more about it here:


Employee recruitment

If you need to find top talent we know it’s quite a challenge, an ever expanding selection of candidates is not just difficult but also time consuming. You can now count on our team to search for the right addition and also deliver interview ready professionals with the background you’re looking for.


Insurance administration assistant

A range of insurance options through our masters policies, but we can also help you and your workers find your own competitively priced insurance from other providers. And you still get day to day policy admin and support from our team. Midtown works directly with brokers and partners to get the best available rates on health, dental, vision, work comp and other coverage. 


HR consulting

Whether you need day to day support or a one time consultation we can provide flexible HR services in that matter. We offer guidance on everyday HR concerns, from employee relations to government compliance, as well as larger, more strategic initiatives such as creating long term plans to keep your workforce on track to achieve company goals. 



Bringing on a new hire involves at a minimum plenty of paperwork and new information. We streamline the process with paychex flex onboarding platform, where new employees can complete paperwork, read/watch onboarding content and more.


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Performance reviews

For companies of all sizes, but specifically small ones, it’s important to make performance reviews about business and not personal relationships. By outsourcing your reviews to midtown HR, the process stays objective, measurable and most importantly, fair.



Organizations can leverage our broad experience servicing diverse companies. Our coaching team can analice and advise your team on best practices for achieving your business objectives.


Workplace evaluations

Midtown HR can perform surveys to evaluate workplace attitudes and impressions. This is not only an opportunity for management to understand how employees really feel, but also to organize useful data for guiden operational improvements, if needed.


Handbook services

Memorialize your business policies, practices and benefits in a convenient, easy to reference handbook, to match your company’s unique policies or just revise your current book.


Midtown HR is the company behind a hundred happy companies. We´re focused on simple solutions for payroll and taxes, propose benefits that really feel like benefits, keep up with employment law and also help protect your team. Let’s talk!


MidtownHR is a PEO

We are a Professional Employer Organization (P.E.O.) that offers small and medium-sized businesses a full suite of solutions for their human resource needs.