At home employees: how to help them reach their goals?

At home employees: how to help them reach their goals?

29 de January, 2022

Want to help at home employees? First of all, we need to understand that working from home or working remotely continues to grow around the world, more than ever before because of the last two years of the pandemic. It has employers thinking about new operational processes, some of them for the first time. We can just say that businesses around the world are starting to conduct the biggest experiment in remote work of all times.


Not everyone can work from home, not every job can be done from home, so jobs within the health sector or manufacturing are just impossible to be made on remote mode. They have other rules. In the case of areas working indefinitely from home, employers know they have to give all the support to workers. 


 At home employees: how to help them reach their goals?


Define the work from home policy


Working from home policies attract and retain top workers. Encourage employees to have conversations and be social with digital messages. Create online channels for everyone to talk about what they do out of the Job. 


Some governments and countries suggest coworkers schedule virtual coffee breaks with each other to maintain social connections and promote mental well being. If you’re worried about productivity, keep in mind the time your employees spend chatting by the coffee machine or taking the occasional long lunch break. A happy employee tends to be a more productive employee. 



Encourage wellness and healthy habits


Well being of people and mental health is a must for forward thinking and processes in organizations. The support can be given in different forms: like offering guided meditation sessions, recommending fitness apps, ensuring the company health plan covers virtual therapy or helping employees in distress. 


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Maintain communication and be transparent 


When people work from home they can feel disconnected from the team sometimes, so effective communication is crucial and it is also important when workers are in the middle of transition to remote work. Follow these principles: be frequent, transparent, start dialogues, easy to navigate activities, and be consistent.



Work-life balance


This is one of the most obvious changes for company leaders the last years, because it has been an important period to focus on empathy and employee wellbeing. 

As part of this, managers have had to take on coaching roles and openly discuss workloads, interests of employees and mental health, aspirations, and other factors outside of their current role to form a closer connection with people.


Maintaining personal connections and introducing stress management and self-care practices have also become fundamental aspects in helping employees maintain a good work-life balance. While employee wellbeing has always been important, ensuring the team is healthy and motivated has become a day-to-day task for all organizations.


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